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Alice Newton Street Memorial Park – Trail Map

Directions to Alice Newton Street Memorial Park

Please note:  The main entrance to this park is located just off of Meetinghouse Lane, north of the Green and Town Hall and west of the First Church of Christ Parish House.  Parking is available adjacent to the entrance.  A second entrance is possible from Old Mill Road, but has limited parking.

Newton Road Park – Trail Map

Directions to Newton Road Park

Please note: The Newton Road Park contains many important wetland areas and vernal pools, which can make for wet hiking conditions.  Visitors are encouraged to visit the Park during dry periods only, such as late Summer and Fall.  Please avoid hiking in this park during Spring and following any steady rainfall. The Newton Road Park may be accessed from Newton Road directly, but parking is not available at this entry.  Parking is available at our Hampton Drive entrance and directions have been provided to that end.

Surficial Geographic Map

Please adhere to the following ‘Use of Parks’ safety guidelines:

Please know that our parks are free and open to all, every day of the year.  To ensure the safety of visitors and the preservation of our parks all dogs must be on a leash and smoking and fires are strictly prohibited.  In addition, please respect the following prohibited activities:

  • Shooting & Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Motorized vehicles (except those used for park maintenance)
  • Littering
  • Alcohol
  • Camping
  • Disturbing wildlife
  • Picking of wildflowers or other plants
  • Horseback riding

Thank you for keeping our parks safe and pristine for everyone to enjoy!