The Woodbridge Park Association invites you to come and explore our beautiful public parks in the Town of Woodbridge.  Please use this website to find fun trails for hiking, learn who we are and what we do, understand our history and our plans for the future.  Volunteers are always welcome, and students, we have community service hours for you!  You’ll be amazed at the beauty that lies nestled in the heart of our Town!  Join us . . .


Looking back . . .

The Woodbridge Park Association (WPA) has a long and rich history.  Mr. Newton Herbert Street is the founder of our most popular park, the Alice Newton Street Memorial Park.  Mr. Street was a man ahead of his time – he had the foresight to understand the value in protecting open space.  In November of 1928, he generously donated 82 acres in memory of his mother, Alice Newton Street, thus founding the Alice Newton Street Memorial Park.  The Woodbridge Park Association was incorporated in 1928, making the WPA one of the three oldest not-for-profit land trusts in the state of Connecticut!  We have been entrusted with the care and protection of this park, and others, in the Town of Woodbridge.

Going forward . . .

While our mission will always honor Mr. Street’s legacy, our purpose has expanded over the years.  We continue to strive “to hold and steward lands within the Town of Woodbridge as parks for passive recreational use and nature preserves for plants and animals, thereby fostering the preservation of open space for the benefit of the public.”

Since the founding gift from the Street family in 1928, an additional 32.5 acres have been donated to the WPA.  Twenty-five and a half of those acres lie adjacent to the Alice Newton Street Memorial Park, increasing its size to over 100 acres!  The remaining 7 acres of donated land are located on the east side of Newton Road and form the Newton Road Park.  Please check out our ‘Maps‘ link for more information on locations and hiking, as well as our ‘Use of Parks‘ safety guidelines. Thank you for visiting and happy hiking!

Meet our Board Members: Nate Case 

You will see Nate walking the trails just about every morning, trekking poles in hand, clearing fallen branches and repositioning bridges that have floated off their moorings during an overnight deluge. Or you may have observed him, trusty Stihl chainsaw in hand, cutting a fallen tree that either obstructs a trail or creates a hazard overhead.

Nate has been a Park Association Board member for the past decade, lending his forestry skills to keeping our trails open and safe for all to traverse. A Woodbridge resident since the early 1980’s, Nate is a 25-year member of the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Association. A retired schoolteacher with three grown children, and a veteran rower, he coaches crew at the Hopkins School and also works with Boy Scout Troop 907. Nate is a major reason that the trails at Alice Newton Street Park, as well as much of our other flora, allow hikers to experience the beauty of our park.